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About Us

Over the years we have come to understand the needs and challenges of independent bakeries. Our years of experience since 1850 has given us the insight and know-how to help our clients consistently deliver the stuff of life; quality baked goods which bring joy and happiness to the communities in which they serve.

The needs of our customers always come first which is why across the vast range of ingredients and products we supply, you will only find the very highest quality products delivered consistently and reliably


We really do understand what goes into running a successful baking business. That’s why we obsess over the details to make sure all of our customers consistently enjoy a reliable supply of quality baking ingredients, products and packaging.


We only source the best quality ingredients and products, we exist to support and serve artisan and independent bakeries who take pride in delivering exceptional experiences to their local community. If you believe your product is a good fit, please get in touch.